Hampton Properties COVID-19 Response

Hampton Properties is dedicated to helping the community and our residents assist in combating COVID-19. Below is a list of actions our team is taking to support the health and safety of residents in our properties.

Please note this page will be updated as more policies and procedures from Hampton Properties are put in place regarding the COVID-19 crisis.

Move-in Packages

  • Our team has prepared “move-in packages” to support your health and safety this year. These will be waiting for you in your freshly cleaned home!
  • A typical 3-bedroom package will include:
    • 1 a face mask per resident
    • 1 personal 4oz bottle of hand sanitizer per resident (free refills as long as you live in one of our units)
    • Hampton Properties t-shirt – please let us know your choice of size and color by emailing: [email protected]
Move-in Package (No longer offering toilet paper)*

Purell Dispensers

  • Large commercial Purell dispensers have been added to both the entryway/common area(s) and laundry room facilities of each building. Please use them as you come and go, as well as before/after use of the laundry machines.
  • Please notify [email protected] when you notice the dispensers are empty.
Located in entryway and laundry room facilities.

Cleaning Procedures

  • We ask that our residents do their due diligence and stay abreast of CDC and Mass.gov guidelines regarding COVID-19.
  • Trash Disposal

    • It is important not to allow trash to accumulate in the units or common areas. This will cause mice and insects to become an issue.

    We appreciate your cooperation and realize these efforts require our community to use these resources responsibly as we may not have the supply chain to continue indefinitely. Abuse or hoarding may harm all of us.  Respect each other’s needs and let us know if there are any other efforts we can make to support your health and safety.

    Please check this page periodically for additional updates.