Clark U by Hampton Properties

In 2018, Hampton Properties became the official off-campus property manager for Clark University.

How does this work?

Clark University has leveraged Hampton Properties’ management expertise to more efficiently operate its localized portfolio of multi-family properties. Hampton’s team now handles marketing, leasing, renovation management, tenant management and other legal landlording responsibilities for Clark U.

What are the benefit to tenants?

  • Dedicated staff available 24/7 for emergency maintenance issues.
  • All rent payments, deposits, leases and applications are handled online.
  • Leases usually start in June or August, but you may check with us anytime regarding available move-in dates.

Please note that:

  • If you are an undergraduate student, a signed and notarized parental guarantor form is needed in order to rent an apartment from us.
  • Clark properties have a specific tenant book which can be downloaded from this web page. This includes different contact numbers and rules about safety.
  • These properties are available to all eligible applicants, even if you are not a college student.

Addresses owned by Clark U and managed by Hampton include: 1 Hawthrone Street, 24 Loudon Street, 29 Maywood Street, 39 Maywood Street, 41 Maywood Street, 70 Florance Street, 112 Woodland Street, and 13 Beaver Street.